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Why does my choir pay to take part in the festival?

The cost of organising and running a five-day festival, like Various Voices, is substantial. The festival team is doing its utmost to reduce the cost of the festival, in particular through public subsidies and sponsorship. However, the festival is mainly financed by the choirs and delegates who take part. While the festival team strives to keep registration fees reasonable, the reality is that prices are rising, not least because the festival is welcoming more and more choirs and delegates, which in turn requires larger (and therefore more expensive) concert venues. These increased costs are also due to various factors, including rising high inflation in recent years and our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible experience for all participants.

We want to assure you that the choir registration fee reflects the value you’ll receive from the festival, including access to empowering events, exceptional performances, and a supportive community that celebrates diversity and unity. It’s essential to consider that without these fees, it would be challenging to maintain the quality of the festival.

Your support through registration fees is instrumental in bringing Various Voices Brussels 2026 to life, and it’s greatly appreciated. Please note that several choirs can benefit from the Support Programme. After reading these FAQ, if you have further questions or need assistance with the registration process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team (