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With Sing Out Brussels!, our team at the Hand in Hand festival in Bristol

This is our chance to promote the Various Voices Brussels 2026 festival!

27 January 2024

The Sing Out Brussels! choir, which will be hosting the Various Voices festival in Brussels in 2026, will be a guest at the Hand in Hand festival in August 2024. This festival, organised since 2013, brings together LGBTQI+ choirs from the UK and Ireland. Sing Out Brussels! will be the only continental choir taking part.

Our team will be there to sing with the choir, of course, but also to learn from the festival’s best practices and to promote Various Voices Brussels 2026.


Hand in Hand is in fact a sort of ‘mini-Various Voices’, as the festival brings together around fifty choirs to present concerts, sing together, take part in workshops and party!

Registration for Various Voices Brussels 2026 is due to open at the end of 2024, so this event will be an opportunity for us to build excitement around our project. We’ll be handing out our stickers and inviting choristers taking part in the festival to subscribe to our newsletter. For our part, we’ll no doubt be coming back full of ideas to make our project even more solid!

Read the article announcing our presence on the Hand in Hand festival website