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Save now to prepare for your visit to Brussels!

We can't wait to welcome you to Brussels in June 2026! The festival may still seem a long way off. But we're already hard at work preparing for it.

26 December 2023

What’s special about Various Voices is that its main source of funding comes from the choirs and singers who take part. Since its creation nearly 40 years ago, this festival has become huge and requires significant resources, particularly to hire sufficiently large venues. The public authorities are generally prepared to support this event, but ask in return that it be open to the city, which requires additional resources. Even if we are very ambitious in terms of sponsorship or patronage, it will never be possible to make the festival free.

But we can ensure that it is accessible to all audiences and all budgets. In addition to the efforts of the organising team to keep prices under control, here are a few tips that you can use to prepare for your visit to Brussels in 2026. We are sharing them with you following a brainstorming session we organised with Belgian LGBTQI+ choirs and associations.

1) Start saving now!
To take part in the festival, you’ll have to pay an entry fee, but you’ll also have to finance your trip (travel, accommodation, food…). You can start putting money aside now: 10 euros a month, 20 euros a month… This amount will help you when you have to make your first payments.


2) Create a social fund in your choir
Sing Out Brussels! set up its Fab Fund in 2018 to provide financial support for its choir members taking part in the Various Voices 2022 festival (moved to 2023). Over the past five years, we have contributed to this fund through various activities
– Running a bar before and after our Wednesday evening rehearsals.
– Making and selling inclusive greetings cards
– Selling drinks during our two annual working weekends
– A sweet and savoury buffet prepared by our singers during our concerts.

Thanks to these sales, we were able to financially support the participation of 15 singers out of 55 at the Various Voices 2023 festival. Depending on their needs, we covered all or part of their registration fees and/or travel and/or accommodation expenses!
If you don’t already have one, we urge you to set up a social fund in your choir today, taking into account your needs and reality.

3) Share this message
Share this message with the members of your choir to make them aware of the preparations for this event.

4) Subscribe to our newsletter
We’ll be sharing regular information on how to prepare for the festival (opening date for registrations, prices, accommodation tips, any preferential rates, etc.). These are just some of the ways in which you can prepare for the festival and try to keep your costs down.

Any other ideas? Just get in touch!