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Meet Simon, our artistic director!

As a queer person who wants to be actively involved in an LGBTQIA+ project, Simon is enthusiastic about working on this project.

25 November 2023

“I am delighted to finally be able to officially announce that I have been appointed Artistic Director of the European Various Voices Festival, which will take place in the Belgian capital in 2026”, says Simon Paco. “It’s an exceptional event that takes place every 4 years in a different European country, welcoming LGBTQIA+ choirs from all over the continent and beyond. It’s an opportunity for the European capital to host a unique, international and queer programme. It’s an absolute honour for me to take on the role of artistic director for this 5-day festival taking place all over the city centre, including BOZAR and Square”.

An actor, performer and costume designer, Simon has also directed a number of shows, including Antigone(s), Sunset Boulevard, L’initiatrice, My Fair Lady, Elisabeth and A German Life. The artist has already worked with the Sing Out Brussel! choir on their show “School’s out“.


“The teams from Various Voices 2026, Sing Out Brussels! and all the participating choirs will be working with me on 2 ceremonies, 3 shows, 4 evenings and a series of small concerts throughout Brussels,” they explains. “I’m delighted to be working on this human, crazy, huge and collective project, which will not only showcase our magnificent city, but also the unity, inclusivity, solidarity and, above all, diversity of a community that breaks away from the norms of gender, sexuality and so on. A festival through the prism of music, which will be Royal, surreal and festive of course, but also political at a time when the rights won after hard-fought battles are being rolled back in the face of increasing violence against our intersectional community”.

Simon is already an active participant in the monthly meetings of the festival team. He will be presenting a first draft of his artistic vision at the end of next winter.